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Venue Requirements

Venue Requirements – Catering

All food must be served by an approved licensed and insured catering service. The Park Avenue Inn does not have an exclusive agreement for catering, but a list of qualified caterers is available upon request. Only professional caterers with current business licensure and business insurance are permitted on the premises and must be approved by the Park Avenue Inn 20 days in advance of the event.

To become an approved vendor for a specific event, the prospective catering service must submit to the Park Avenue Inn a copy of its current catering business license from the State of Florida, Department of Business and Professional Regulation, and a copy of their current $1,000,000 per occurrence or larger Certificate of Liability Insurance policy adding “The Park Avenue Inn” as a certificate holder onto the policy for the day or year.

The rental client is responsible for making sure all vendors are approved in advance by the Park Avenue Inn. All food licenses must be submitted to the Park Avenue Inn and in compliance with state and local laws and regulations as well as any policies of the Park Avenue Inn. At least two weeks prior to the event, the client and/or food and beverage service providers must place on file at the Park Avenue Inn copies of current business licenses, liability insurances, and State of Florida food services licenses. These will be held on file and only need to be presented again upon renewal.

Vendors must notify the Park Avenue Inn of any changes in status or validation of required licenses, insurances, etc. The client and all vendors are responsible for providing their own garbage bags and cleaning materials. The catering service or Renter is responsible for busing tables, busing all areas used including lobbies, windowsills and restrooms, rinsing and restacking all outside rental dishes, glasses, and flatware and returning these items to their original rental containers. Caterer and/or client is also responsible for cleaning the kitchen and disposing the garbage throughout the event and at the end of the evening. The facility rental client and the client’s caterer must meet with the Park Avenue Inn facility rental coordinator at least two weeks prior to the event to finalize arrangements for deliveries, set-up/tear-down, security, and other necessary details.

Any caterer that can demonstrate capacity and experience to meet the Park Avenue Inn’s requirements for service will be considered for approval. Rental client is responsible for getting their preferred caterer approved by the Park Avenue Inn facility rental coordinator prior to contracting with the caterer. Caterers wishing to pre-qualify for service at the Park Avenue Inn may do so by meeting with the facility rental coordinator or their designee and providing the required evidences of competency.

Venue Requirements – Additional Rentals

For all seated outdoor events, a tent reservation from a rental company is required. Rental client must provide proof of rental reservation no less than two weeks prior to the event, complete with contact information for the rental company. The rental client must follow the tent reservation company’s recommendations on the necessity of the tent, determined no more than a week out from the event. The Park Avenue Inn has worked with several rental companies in town and is happy to provide recommendations if necessary.

Additional Rental Agreements: The undersigned, on behalf of the Renting Party, has read, understands and agrees to abide by the Rules of The Inn. All such Rules are incorporated herein by reference and made part of this Rental Agreement.

Florida Rental Agreement: This Rental Agreement is made and entered into in the State of Florida and it shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Florida. Any dispute hereunder shall be heard and determined in the courts of Leon County, Florida, unless mediation or arbitration are mutually agreed upon by the parties to this Rental Agreement. This is the entire Rental Agreement between the parties, and it may not be changed, extended, amended or modified except in writing signed by all parties.