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Holiday Events with Friends & Family

Holidays with friends and family can be a wonderful time – food, drinks, desserts, and catching up with loved ones!

But, it can also be overwhelming. There is such a thing as too much time together. Whether Aunt Sherry has had one too many sherries and you’ve had the same conversation with her four times, or the cousins are having a powwow in the one bathroom, here are some tips for enjoying your time with family, but finding time for yourself, too!

  • Ironically, gift giving can be one of the most stressful parts of the holidays. Make it not so! Everyone would love a bag of locally sourced coffee, or a beautiful, delicious woodwick candle. Check out your local farmer’s market for inspiration!
  • Do you have the same politically charged arguments year after year? Or maybe they’re not political, just useless! Prepare yourself and instead of becoming frustrated, do your best to laugh it off. Some people won’t budge no matter how strong the argument, and if the past 27 years have taught you anything, it’s that!
  • Remember to move it, move it – in a very literal sense. Get the blood flowing, clear your head, take a brisk walk outside if necessary. It’s okay to need space, and what better excuse than to be fit and stay healthy during the Holiday season.
  • Sometimes family is more business than pleasure, and that’s all right. Don’t let it get you down that your best friend adores her family and while you love yours, you may not always like them. Every family is different and every person is different.
  • Practice mindfulness. Now this is a good tip for every occasion. Stay calm, cool, and collected. Instead of anger or frustration, think about telling your best friend this ridiculous thing your uncle said, and how much you’ll be able to laugh about it later. Just think, the cup is always half full especially around the Holidays!

Take the stress off and let The Park Avenue Inn help with your Holiday event this season. The Inn serves as not only a home, a vacation or staycation spot, but also a magical place to host any event you may have coming up. Looking to get your ladies together for a Christmas Tea Time Gift Exchange, or bring your colleagues together for a meal this New Year? Contact the Inn Keeper today to get your date on the calendar!  

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